The Importance of Cash Flow

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What is ‘cash flow’ and what does it represent? To start off, let’s define ‘Cash flow’. Cash flow is the net amount of cash showing the amount of cash being flown in and out of the business, allowing businesses to see the intake of cash, as well as seeing the outtake the business is paying. A companies ‘liquidity’ gives the

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Basic Accounting Course

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 What are basic accounting skills? Organisation Accountants are kept very busy handling transactions, managing portfolios and keeping track of key dates and deadlines. So good organisation is key. To improve your organisaton there are many tools both online and offline you can use for example diarys, daily planners, calendars, alphabetised folders. Time management Managing your time is very important when

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Team Building Exercises

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Team Building Exercises When in a working environment it is always a good idea to ensure that you and your coworkers get along as this will lead to much more production and efficiency when working together. This is where team building exercises could prove to be a good investment for a workforce who may not know

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