Alan Boal – Accountancy Services Made Simple

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Alan Boal – Accountancy Services Made Simple

Alan Boal, of AHB Finance & Consultancy Ltd, likes nothing more in life than making accountancy services easy and straightforward for his clients.

From a well thought out, simple to follow and easy to use website, to informative and education blogs; visitors to the company online can probably find everything they need within a matter of minutes.

It speaks volumes to the type of person and company we’re dealing with. Straightforward, simple, accountancy advice and services without any need to make things complicated. It’s a refreshing change, and it’s born out of Alan’s determination to change the public perception of the industry he’s spend a lifetime working in.

Image result for accounting Alan Boal has over 20 years experience in accountancy for business, from small companies right through to multi-national corporations. Currently he’s focusing in on the service sector and manufacturing businesses to work with, however over his 20 years work in accountancy he’s worked with pretty much every type of business going – no company is too big or too small to need accountancy advice, after all!

The company follows some simple guidelines in how they approach their client base and operations. Dedicating themselves totally to the business needs of the clients and companies they serve, they offer a full service accountancy advice and consultancy at reasonable prices.

For a first step, you’re advised to take advantage of the offer of a no-obligation, totally free, initial advice service. This will lead to a fixed fees offer, which of course you’re free to decline if you so choose, meaning there’ll be no unpleasant surprises within your monthly accountancy budget.

As company accounting is the one thing that can be left to chance and unplanned, especially by new start companies, it’s exciting to see this clear, practical, no-nonsense approach being offered by AHB Finance as it is surely reassuring to those clients who simply are not mathematically or accounts minded. Demystifying the dark arts of accounting and offering simple services to clients is a great way to secure new businesses who keep coming back year after year, another testament to the success of the company’s approach.

With service promises including jargon free, plain English explanations of every aspect of the accountancy service offered; and close client relationships offering a guaranteed personal services there’s absolutely no reason not to approach Alan or the company for that all important first meeting. You’ll certainly be reassured upon that meeting, as so many other companies have been over their years of outstanding service.

By Alan Boal


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