Basic Accounting Course

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 What are basic accounting skills?


Accountants are kept very busy handling transactions, managing portfolios and keeping track of key dates and deadlines. So good organisation is key. To improve your organisaton there are many tools both online and offline you can use for example diarys, daily planners, calendars, alphabetised folders.

Time management

Managing your time is very important when working to deadlines so allocating your time to different jobs and organising them to the most urgent will improve your workflow and will help you be more organised.


Strong communication skills are incredibly valuable for working anywhere. Being able to communicate well in writing, on the phone and in person will help you to get a job, work as a team with your colleagues, interact with clients and, with time, advance professionally.


Honesty and integrity are highly valued in the accounting world.

Accountants – and the firms they work for – pride themselves on adhering to the strictest ethical standards. It’s why the public, other businesses and the government know that they can trust accountants to always look out for their best interests.

Being transparent when making decisions and giving advice has the added benefit of improving your working relationships. It will make teamwork easier and will help you to foster an environment that is respectful and collaborative.

Many accountants work on larger teams, so the importance of being trusted can’t be overstated. Get into the habit of thinking about the consequences of your actions each time you have to make a big decision.


Being a good leader means knowing how to mentor and teach, and making yourself approachable and available to the people you’re responsible for. You have to balance being a role model and the person in charge while still being part of the team. It also takes confidence, patience, and the ability to delegate – traits which don’t come easily to most people.

In accounting, leadership skills also include strategic thinking and long-term planning. Many accountants provide consulting services, which means that they offer advice and business solutions to help companies improve their operations, so the ability to look ahead is key.

IT skills

In today’s generation IT skills are vital to have as everything is going digital. Even having basic it skills on word and excel will be useful within accounting.

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