Is Accounting A Good Degree For A Future Entrepreneur?

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Accountancy for Entrepreneurs For those who are embarking on an entrepreneurial career there are many advantages to combining this with some solid training in accountancy. Not only will you gain invaluable knowledge and skills in accountancy and finance but you will be able to combine this with entrepreneurial flair, which means that you may take more calculated risks to grow

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What is the Difference Between Accounting and Finance?

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Understanding the meanings and differences So, what exactly is the difference between Accounting and Finance? In this article, this is what we are going to find out. Before we identify the differences between the two, we need to make sure we can define the two first. If you’re interested, we compared the differences of IT and Accounting in our previous

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The Importance of Cash Flow

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What is ‘cash flow’ and what does it represent? To start off, let’s define ‘Cash flow’. Cash flow is the net amount of cash showing the amount of cash being flown in and out of the business, allowing businesses to see the intake of cash, as well as seeing the outtake the business is paying. A companies ‘liquidity’ gives the

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Accounting Cycle

Admin/ June 24, 2019/ Alan Boal, Finance

Accounting Cycle The accounting cycle is a set of rules that is followed by most accountants to ensure that the financial statements they produce are accurate and correct. Because of today’s technology, most accounting systems are computerised and the accounting cycle is usually automated by software which means that there are less human or mathematical errors. The final product of

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Streamlining Your Business Processes

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Streamlining Your Business Processes The Finance department is a key department in any organisation. If this function is poorly managed there is a high possibility of total failure of the business, with half of UK start-ups failing within the first five years. For a business to thrive well, it must have a well-established finance department. Some businesses, due to their

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Alan Boal – AHB Finance and Consultancy Ltd

Admin/ February 12, 2018/ AHB Finance, Alan Boal, Consultancy, Finance

Alan Boal – AHB Finance & Consultancy Ltd   I am pleased to announce that AHB Finance & Consultancy Ltd achieved Silver Champion Partner status with Xero in February 2018. Achieving Champion status confirms our ongoing commitment to the Xero brand which I believe will provide clients with the best cloud accounting experience. So why do we believe passionately in

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