What Can Alan Boal Do For You?

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So what can Alan Boal do for you? Quite a lot, actually, especially if you’re organization has complicated payables and receivables.

Well, in addition to being a highly skilled and meticulous accountant and financial advisor that has worked with some of the most important public limited companies in the United Kingdom, Alan Boal is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to accounting technology.

Officially Xero certified. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that’s far superior and much more robust than other platforms when it comes to organizing an enterprise’s bookkeeping and accounting needs.

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Lots of companies -especially smaller and medium sized companies- are switching to Xero but not everyone knows how to get the most out of this powerful application. Yes, one of the main advantages of Xero is that it is very user friendly, even for management that don’t have any previous accounting experience. However, there is a lot of other, deeper functionality with Xero that isn’t necessarily so straightforward and facile.

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To really get the most out of Xero for your business, you need certified Xero professionals. This is where Alan Boal and his team of Xero certified advisors can make a difference for your business.

Here are just a few of the ways in which having a Xero expert can help the day-to-day operations of your business.

Fluid and Accurate Currency Conversion

These days, it’s normal for even the smallest businesses to hire contract workers from all over the world. It’s equally common place to have clients that are based overseas. With so many payables and receivables in so many different currencies flowing through your company’s coffers, and with foreign exchange markets being as volatile as they are, it can be hard to accurately reflect a true financial picture with conventional software.

A certified Xero professional can configure the cloud-based software in such a way that you can automatically convert entries made in foreign currencies to the currency of your choice in such a way that you don’t end up losing even fractional amounts of money on exchange.

Integrate Bookkeeping with Other Automated Functions

You can get plenty done with just Xero as your principal business software. Still, if you really want to get the most juice for the squeeze so to speak, your professional accountancy team can show you how to integrate Xero with other software systems for even greater efficiency. For instance, Xerop can be integrated with the cash-flow management software Bill.com. Given the specifics of your business and its particular operations, other payroll applications maybe more appropriate and these too can be integrated with Xero.

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