What is Xero And Where Can I Find A good Advisor

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What is Xero And Where Can I Find A good Advisor

Accounting is always at the core of every good business. Small enterprises (SMB’s) fail to thrive sometimes due to ineffective accounting practices and processes. As a small business owner, you need to be able to account for expenditures and revenues effectively and to keep a track on your cash flow is an essential day to day activity for SMB’s. Accounting software should not just be viewed as an expense for you; it should deliver value to you by saving money and allowing you take long term strategic decisions based on good reliable data about your business. Consider the long term return you will make from this accounting software, similar to buying any asset that makes your business more efficient.

Xero is cloud based software you can “access anytime, anywhere and on any device”, you just need access to the internet. The software can be purchased on a low cost monthly subscription basis with no extended tie in, cancel with one only months notice. Xero is ideal for SMB’s, usable on any device, be it a pc, a tablet or a phone. It enables you track your cash flow in real time, which is crucial for a small business. You will be in a position to make quick and informed decisions, improving your business performance.

Image result for xero The software is extremely user friendly, making every accounting operation, fast, easy and accessible. From sending invoices, receiving payments and reconciling the records, you get to complete everything just with a few clicks. The software will update you about who has “viewed” your invoices and it will also send automatic reminders for any invoices which is overdue. Bank reconciliations become a breeze with a host of tools designed to automate the process. Xero will also deal with foreign currency transactions and automatically post any conversion gains or losses. All these features will help you run your business much more smoothly and remain professional in your interactions with both customers and suppliers. A cloud-based system ensures your records are safe and secure.

Where can you get Xero and advice on how to use it? AHB Finance will help you move all your operations onto the Xero platform and give you advice on various aspects of accounting. Getting professional consultancy services has never been this easy. AHB Finance prides themselves on providing specialist accounting consultancy services tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Alan Boal and AHB Finance will free you from spending your time on daily repetitive tasks by reducing the amount of friction within your accounting processes. You will be able to concentrate growing and expanding the business. AHB will monitor the performance of your business based on your accounting records and offer credible advice on how you can move it to the next level. They will help you keep your business on the right track and make sure you achieve those milestones. Engage AHB Finance now to move your accounting system to a cloud-based platform.





Alan Boal

Good cloud accounting software will increase the flexibility you have within your business which is an essential feature for any company in today’s


volatile business environment. Give your business a competitive edge by making the accounting process of your business much more efficient. Solve common challenges with accounting systems such as;


-Slow and costly customer service.


-Outdated software and data.

– Expensive Data security

AHB Finance & Consultancy Ltd offers the No1 cloud accounting system in the UK and will help you to incorporate the Xero software into your business. This combination is robust, secure and efficient. AHB Finance is a certified Xero advisor and has a track record in delivering quality services to its’ many clients.

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