Xero Projects: The Simple Way to Capture, Track and Report on Jobs

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Xero Projects: The Simple Way to Capture, Track and Report on Jobs

If you’re a small business it’s important to know which jobs deliver the best return on investment and which ones need to be reined in. Meet Xero Projects: the simple way to capture, track and report on jobs, all right within Xero.

Projects makes it easy to track and understand your numbers

Tracking costs, profit and time are key to the success of service based businesses and Projects was built with this in mind. It’s geared to support straightforward time and job cost tracking needs, so it’s perfect if you’re fiddling around in a million spreadsheets or find most project management frustratingly complex.

With everything working together in real-time, it’s simplicity that really sets Projects apart:

  • View of all your Projects in one place
  • Visibility across all jobs and how they’re tracking
  • Supports fixed price and time and expenses invoicing
  • Monitors budgets and job costs
  • Out-of-the-box reporting
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Full integration with Xero
  • Assign your actual invoices, bills and bank transactions
  • Three levels of user permissions to manage access levels of your team

If your job costing and tracking needs are more complex, watch this space because Xero are working on even more great functionality such as:

  • Timesheet insights and reporting
  • The ability to copy projects
  • Inform Payroll timesheets from Project timesheets
  • Create projects from Xero Quotes

Take a peek

Give Projects a test-drive!

Try out all the features of Projects right now.

Alan Boal and AHB Finance & Consulting Ltd can assist you in setting up projects within your business. Move way from guessing your profitability on a project to having all the information at your fingertips. Your confidence in quoting the correct price for work will increase through the knowledge gained from Xero projects.

Contact Alan Boal today or visit our website AHB Finance & Consultancy Ltd

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